Hôtel Belle Plage

Hôtel Belle Plage

Located at the foot of the Suquet district with a unique view of the sea, the hotel has 45 rooms and a Belle Plage Suite harmoniously staged by the designer Raphael Navot.

Belle Plage Apartments, annexed to the hotel, are fully equipped for long trips with families or groups of friends.

Eyal Shani's cuisine breathes the fragrance of the Mediterranean. A hymn to sharing, generosity and celebration around the great revisited classics of Mediterranean cuisine. The Roftop Bella opens its lounges for post-beach relaxation around a coppery bar. Barefoot, with a cocktail in hand, the space in the sun prolongs the desire for a holiday.

Dedicated to well-being, Villa Belle Plage offers a comprehensive range of treatments and massages, fitness classes and a restaurant with healthy and gourmet cuisine.




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